As of this writing the median price of homes in the Asheville, Buncombe county area is at $319,000. Unfortunately, that price is becoming more than the common person is able or even willing to pay for a home in our area. In fact, with the rents rising in the area as well it is a problem that many families are finding to be beyond their working means to provide a home within the confines of income.

There can be a possible solution that Asheville Realty & Associates can bring to bear on this problem. For the last 15 years Asheville Realty & Associates has been selling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac foreclosures to hundreds of buyers that have found that foreclosed homes are a solution to the expensive Asheville area housing costs.

Yes, those properties most of the time do need renovation and/or updating but with sweat equity & some money for materials you can realize a nice home for you and your family coupled with a solid profit position in a real estate asset to boot!

Here at ARA our associates are foreclosure specialists, contact or register on our website to inquire as to what foreclosure properties are available for you. We CAN find you a home that you can afford.