All of us, no matter what we do or what we buy we want to get good, if not, the best value possible. Never is that more so than with the purchase of a home.  A home purchase is certainly one of the biggest purchases we will make our lifetime. In keeping with that premise Bob Ray, owner of Asheville Realty & Associates, has developed a value-added home buyer service program called “Above & Beyond

Now with the new Above & Beyond service provision for his buyer clients Bob will deliver an unparalleled premier amenity to home purchasers! No other agency or agent is offering a program this extraordinary in opportunity and support for the client. This new endorsement for qualifying buyers will include the following:

  1. A complete package of comparable sale documents of homes that are as close to the intended purchase property of the client. In order to ascertain price levels as dictated by our market and not just the whims of what a seller may think the home is worth.
  2. Upon a qualified home having gone under contract ARA will pay a certified, licensed home inspector to do an inspection for the buyer! (A value of $450 or more).
  3. At the closing of the sale of the home ARA will provide a home warranty for the home at no cost to the buyer! (A value of $625).
  4. And finally, after the closing of the home ARA will provide the buyers with $500 to assist with moving expenses!

This level of client service is ahead of the common and accepted value curve in this marketplace. ARA is putting their money where their mouth is to demonstrate to our clients that we ARE the better service value in the Western North Carolina area for buyer clients! Contact Bob Ray ( at ARA today for more information on how this program will significantly increase value to your next home purchase.